10 Health Blog Examples with Cellulite Tips

The internet is full of resources regarding weight loss, exercise, and healthy living.

The Following are 10 great health blogs that offer tips for dealing with cellulite.

health blog examples1) WebMD Expert Blogs

This post on healthy skin is written by a dermatologist. She gives tips for how to tackle cellulite as a “skin problem” not a “fat problem.”

She is clear about what treatments work, and those that are regarded as dangerous by the medical community.

2) CalorieLab

This is a great post debunking the myths that low fat foods are always good for you. There is only a brief mention of cellulite, blaming its cause on sugar instead of fats, but it is an excellent read. It will make you think twice about the way you feel about butter. The key take away is to stay away from highly processed foods, which is an excellent cellulite tip!

3) Natural Holistic Health

This blog post has great tips for fighting cellulite naturally with diet and exercise.

Natural Holistic Health states:

“Working out helps to incinerate fat deposits within the body. To continue this trend it is essential to lower the amount of fat that is consumed daily.”

4) Quick and Dirty Tips-Get Fit Guy

Get Fit Guy from Quick and Dirty tips tackles cellulite reduction from two angles, strengthening the connective tissue in the skin and decreasing fat. He offers great tips for both areas.

Here is one of his tips for strengthening connective tissues:

Yoga, regular stretching, and even regular use of herbs like ginseng, cayenne, ginger, and cinnamon can also help improve circulation, which keeps connective tissue fed and strong”

5) theFitShop

theFitShop, a blog from Fitness Magazine, offers 5 Natural Ways to Stop Cellulite.

Tip number 5: “Stay hydrated” is often overlooked when combating cellulite.

6) The Diet Blog

This post from The Diet Blog doesn’t tackle cellulite directly, but it does tackle how cellulite can affect your self image. The post offers great tips for handling the mental roller coaster that weight loss and gain can cause. If you are working hard to loose weight, you should read this article.


Strategies that Fight Cellulite tackles where cellulite comes from and information regarding all forms of treatment. It gives an honest opinion about what works and what doesn’t and informs of any risks.

8)  FitBottomedGirls

This fitness blog suggests five up and coming workouts. One of the workouts discussed is called Grace Somatomorphic Technique or GST. This workout focuses on strengthening connective tissue, a key to removing the appearance of cellulite.

Creator of GST, Anna Rahe, states:

Our proprietary technique eliminates excess ‘energy’ congestion inside muscle tissue that is responsible for thickness, bulk and under- or overdeveloped muscle tissue related to cellulite.

9)  EmpowHer

This post comes from a fitness trainer. The post offer tips for specific exercises you can do at home to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

10)  The Cellulite Investigation

This blog is full of tips and ideas for battling cellulite. This post tackles hormonal causes of cellulite specifically. The post reviews several books and makes recommendations for navigating the various schools of thought regarding hormones and cellulite.

If you are looking for a product that can help you remove cellulite, Bodiperfect offers clothing that works to remove cellulite while you wear it. Their micromassage techniques help reduce cellulite while you workout, or simply go about your day.

These ten blogs are great resources for navigating the world of cellulite. They offer helpful tips and information regarding health, diet, exercise and therapies. Do you have a favorite health or wellness blog?

Photo “Rising Cellulite” courtesy of Dion Gillard

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